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What we deliver

We make user experience seamless and create exquisite interface aesthetics - to deliver memorable impressions and happy users.

Social networking websites

Social media is one of the most innovative forms of modern communication, offering instant answers and a cross between marketing and customer support opportunities. We can do everything from create social sharing websites to embed your social media profiles in your existing website.

Web portals/Web applications

We create interactive web-­based apps that can handle high volumes of traffic and collect insightful data. These apps may be stand­alone, or we can integrate them seamlessly with larger web projects.

E­-commerce/Payments processing

Online purchasing capabilities are crucial for online businesses, stores, and any company that wants to accept virtual payments. Our ecommerce web development services stand out for being reliable, secure, convenient, and highly customizable.

Mobile applications

Smart phone and tablet use have gone through the roof. All our sites look good on any screen size.


Our support sets us apart from others. Constantly praised by our clients, we are there to help. We have the flexibility and scalability to support you on projects irrespective of your size.


SEO tools that ensure you get the most out of your website with improved discoverability in search engine results.


We deliver expertise for industries

BulkTech is a web development company where our teams of software developers and designers are ready to take your business needs and turn them into reality.

As part of our website creation process, we will work with your team to ensure delivery of the best website design that fits your exact needs. Our teams transform your requirements into a custom website where the user experience (UX) and to the user interface (UI) are what you need to grow your business and give your clients and prospects what they are looking for.


Why businesses choose us

BulkTech offers website design and programming services of the highest quality. We dedicate ourselves to the satisfaction of our clients.


It can be hard to know when you’re actually looking at the inner-workings of a website, but our work is clean, well-organized and built following a solid methodology. Our end product is easy to upgrade, simple to maintain and lends itself to easy design tweaks that won’t drain time or resources out of your organization.


Most sites load slowly because they're filled with scripts and code that isn't necessary. Our sites are designed to load only what needs to be there, lightning fast and automatically optimized. That equates to happier visitors and high search engine efficacy.

In-House Capabilities

BulkTech offers a comprehensive set of services that include web and mobile development, search engine optimization, custom programming, graphic design, database management and much more.

Scalable resources

Our team becomes an extension of your team. If you need a developer or build your own team for your specific needs, we seek and hire developers that can become the part of your business.


We take the time to get to know your business, including your goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses, so that we can formulate a unique and effective strategy for you.


Our clients know all the team members working on a product and we share product implementation knowledge with them. Product progress is visible for them on a daily basis.

Software development life cycle process

Software development life cycle is composed of a number of clearly defined and distinct work phases which are used by us to plan for, design, build, test, and deliver results.

We believe the best work starts with a simple conversation

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